Appreciation of Icewine

Appreciation of Icewine

There are three steps for appreciating icewine:

I. Look: Firstly, look at the color and clarity of Icewine. Admire the rich golden hue of White Icewine, the richer and darker in golden-color the older and more complex your Icewine will taste. Swirl the icewine glass slightly, and observe the alcoholic strength and sugar degree through wine trace on the wall of wine glass.

II. Smell: Smell the icewine before swirling the wine in the glass. Be sure to swirl the wine vigorously in order to open up the incredible bouquet and floral aromas of the icewine.

III. Taste: Savor the Icewine and taste it slowly in small sips. Swirl the wine around your pallet and let the rich juice melt on your tongue like a fine chocolate. You mouth will experience the unique taste and fragrance of icewine, smooth alcoholic strength, exotic fruit flavors, and strong acidity. Following these tasting steps will ensure that all of your senses enjoy the many magical elements of icewine. .

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